5 Ways To Make Small Gestures Count In Your Marriage

In order to stay married, and in love with your partner, it is up to each of you to do the small stuff that matters for one another. But, you must ensure that those small things count, like they should, rather than go unrecognized. Here, you can learn five simple ways to ensure the little things that you are doing to keep the love alive do not go unnoticed by the person that you love. These tips work!

Key Takeaways:

  • Studies bolster a consensus that it’s not the big gestures that keep couples going strong, but the small, important things, like cooking for your loved one.
  • The small, but important stuff, like picking up chores your loved one’s too bushed to tackle, are what writer, Eli Finkel, calls ‘lovehacks.’
  • Small, but great love hacks, include, using courtesy words, please, thank you, with your loved one, and carving out special time, even twenty minutes.

“Problems at work, financial pressures, or family drama can all push a couple apart.”

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