8 Sh*tty Types Of Breakups We’ve All Experienced At Least Once

There is no easy way to break up with someone, but there are many bad ways to do it. Breaking up through text message is a horrible way that feels impersonal. Some people just leave without any explanation. Others say goodbye, but very quickly and then just leave. Sometimes people give an emotional public breakup. Timing is important, and some people breakup at the worst times, such as birthdays or holidays. Trying to slowly fade someone out of your life is worse than just sucking it up and breaking it off. Saying “it’s me, not you” is a classic just feels insincere. These are all bad ways to break up with someone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being broken up with via text is cold. After being intimate such a shallow good bye hurts.
  • Being “ghosted” is the worst it leaves you wondering what happened and why things did not work out.
  • Excuses in a break up suck. Slowly going away or blaming being busy is a cowards way of avoiding the truth.

“Everyone has at least one tragic, hilarious, and/or awkward breakup story to tell. These oftentimes painful experiences are more universal than you might think.”

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