Divorce and its impact on children – The Augusta Chronicle

Divorce can greatly affect not only the adults involved, but also the children who are witnessing the split of the marriage. Encouraging parents to be good listeners and verbalize the children’s questions will help make the transition less painful. Acknowledging and answering the children’s questions will help them to feel more secure in a tumultuous time. Parents are encouraged to voice their own fears and to bring their older children into therapy with them to work through some of the concerns and issues.

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Divorce Isn’t What Harms Kids’ Health, Study Finds, But How Parents Handle It Is – Romper

Divorce itself doesn’t harm kids’ mental health according to this study. How parents handle it can, though, a great deal. Parents often can’t hide their bitterness or hurt feelings and kids notice these things. They tend to react to their environment. Parents can harm them if they aren’t careful to behave properly during and after a divorce. It can be hard but therapy can help if you don’t feel you can do it on your own.

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The 9 Craziest Things People Discovered While Googling A Date

Dating is a scary and exciting journey. Googling your date can reveal both good and bad things. It is common for people to find the date stole their profile picture. Hiding something is also common. Things that are revealed can be a DUI, marriage, criminal record or other dark secrets. Also sexual deviation preferences such as bandage can be discovered. Some findings are more humorous such as odd obsessions like Garfield themed bedrooms or super hero collection. Goodling a date is always a good idea.

Key Takeaways:

  • Googling your date may reveal a criminal past that you do not want to associate with.
  • Weird obsessions and collections can be found by googling your date.
  • Driving records can reveal DUI and other traffic issues. This may be a sign of a drinking problem.

“A quick Google search can leave you feeling as if you already know a person before you’ve even gone on a date.”

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Forget Co-Parenting With A Narcissist (Round 2)

Co-Parenting with narcissist should not be something a parent should do if they have any interest at all in raising a happy and successful child. The best thing a parent can do in this situation is to not meddle with an ex’s narcissistic behaviors. There are many great tips for getting over a toxic ex. However, most of these tips can be summarized by looking at the big picture. Don’t sweat the little things. After all, none of it will matter in the long run, so look out for the well being of your child over all else.

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The Emotions of Grief After A Breakup

Grief after a breakup is a normal emotion and should not be ignored or expected to be over soon. It’s a fluid state consisting of initial shock, followed by a lot of emotion and finishing with acceptance and reorganizing your life. You need to learn to deal with these phases in order to move on in a healthy way. Find an outlet, talk to friends or a therapist if necessary. Allowing grief makes it easier to heal after a breakup.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shock and disbelieve is the first phase of grief. It is hard to believe what just happened.
  • Devastation occurs once the reality of the situation set in. Pain is inevitable
  • You will go through a stage that you wonder what happened and why. You need to recharge yourself.

“If you are the person who did not see the breakup coming, the shock stage will probably last longer.”

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Why Do Unhappy Couples Stay Together?

Everyone around the couple can see that it’s just not working out well, but often the couple themselves can still manage to find all the reasons to stay, or perhaps the reasons not to go. Finances are another major reason why unhappy couples stay together. If you leave you will probably have to lower your standard of living and you will no longer be able to enjoy the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed. Identify your fears one by one and try to let the fear of being in an unhappy relationship for the rest of your life override the others.

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Small Things Often: How to Become a Relationship Master

An online version of a psychology magazine has a feature about how to maintain a relationship. The feature focuses on a person who specializes in relationships. This person’s point is that in relationships, one person often sends out a feeler or conversation point and waits for a response. Although the point may seem small, the expected response is not. A cold response may lead to a worsened relationship. The specialist points to a study he made which shows that couples who stay together respond to points 86% of the time, while those who do not have a one third response rate.

Key Takeaways:

  • The small details add up and become big issues over time.
  • Your partner will reach out to connect, make sure you are paying attention.
  • Emotional bids are used for one partner to try and connect with the other one.

“John Gottman has spent his career studying what makes relationships work — and what he has discovered is as practical as it is important.”

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Supreme Court Hearing in India to Decide Validity of Muslim Divorce Practice – Voice of America

A multi-faith judge bench in India has opened hearings on whether the controversial practice of instant divorce violates the rights of Muslim women. The instant divorce in Islam is called the “triple talaq”, as a man can divorce his wife by simply uttering “talaq” (divorce) three times. The five Supreme Court judges, all of different faiths – Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Zoroastrian and Muslim started six-day hearings on the issue on Thursday. They are reviewing a batch of petitions claiming the practice is unconstitutional.

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Flip or Flop’s Tarek El Moussa Opens Up on Split from Christina – and Denies He Was Suicidal During Gun Incident – PEOPLE.com

The online version of a popular weekly magazine features a summary of an interview conducted with the male star of a home improvement reality show. The star is going through a divorce with his partner on the show but is still working with her on the set. She called the police one day saying her husband was suicidal and left the house with a gun. He denies this story, contending he needed the gun for protection from rattlesnakes.

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How Cupid’s Arrow May Save Your Retirement Plan

Falling in love could save your retirement plan because you’ll have two incomes instead of one if you live with your love. There are other positives to this as well. You can’t make yourself fall in love but if you happen to here is another benefit to it. Money is always a concern in your old age and so is loneliness. Any way to figure both of these problems out is going to help many elderly people.

Key Takeaways:

  • Divorce among people over sixty is on the rise. This trend is called “gray divorce”
  • Divorce can be costly for everyone involved. Assets are split and can change the tax laws of your assets.
  • Spend some money on flowers and date night and avoid divorce. This will save a lot of money.

“Divorcing has obvious financial consequences for both spouses: assets are split in half, two households need to be maintained, social security, pension and other benefits are reduced – to name just a few.”

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