Does anyone know the type of questions that will be asked in a divorce mediation session?

We are currently seperated and want to attend mediation but want to be prepared when going in there. i want to print everything up before hand. does anyone know the specific questions that will be asked.

Topics will include:

1. What are your possessions? Prior, during and after separation
2. If you have kids, who will get custody, visitation, and pay child suport?.
3. Do you need spousal support?
4. Who will keep cars, homes,etc? How will you divide possessions?
5. Do restraining orders need to be issued?

Child custody?

My brother’s ex has epilepsy. She has gone off her meds twice and has had many,many seizures. Can he get full custody of his child at this point. She is putting herself and child at danger. She could have been driving w/ my neice in the backseat. What can my bro do.

She does not need to be behind the wheel of a vehicle, especially with a child in the car, I agree with you she can have a seizure and if she is not being compliant with taking her medications she is putting not only herself but this child in danger.

Your brother needs to hire himself an attorney and ask for full custody of this minor child.. HE will also need evidence to prove that she is not taking her medications and endangering the child.

Best of Luck