Mediation/Divorce Question?

I am headed to Mediation for a Divorce matter, No Children just fighting over money owed and Property.

She moved out in November of 07 and left me with All Bills and Utilities along with a few other Bill’s such as Cell Phone (Plan signed together) and some other Things…I have had to do house repair’s to either sell or rent the house as it was a fixer–upper and my realator suggested I fix a few Things in order to sell it or in order to rent it (Duplex)….

So what should she be responsiable for or What IS she reponsiable for in the state of Michigan, Kent County…Where can I find some rules? or who can advise me besides my Lawyer who is not being of any help 🙁

Thank you

This page explains property distribution in Michigan. Neither party is entitled to more than the other and neither party is to assume more debt than the other. She is legally responsible for one half of the debts and the expenses spent fixing up the duplex. Make sure your lawyer does his job and if he isn’t doing his job get another lawyer is right.

Good Luck

Does a child custody dispute with two parents end at the age 18 Yes or No?

Does a child custody dispute with two parents end at the age 18 Yes or No? Her mother took her daughter back to Japan where she is from when she was a small child with out her fathers consent. Her father got court order from the US to give him full custody, but has not seen his daughter since she was seven years old. Her mother is wanted fugitive in the US for doing this, but the 18 year old never wants to see her father again and will remain in Japan with her mother.

It’s not right, but it’s resolved.

Right now they’re on opposite sides of the Atlantic. The kid is happy (or claims to be). The mom is happy. The dad isn’t. If the dad tried to force his way into the kid’s life, chances are they’d all be miserable.

The father should be patient. He’s already waited for 11 years. There’s a big difference between an 18 year old and a 21 year old. When the daughter gets a little older and a little more mature, she’ll be more receptive to seeing her father.

But if he tries to press charges or push himself into her life, it will start a huge fight and the daughter will almost certainly side with her mother, ruining his chance of a relationship forever.

How can I get a judge to decide child custody?

My ex has our 3 year old son and I’m not sure how to go about child custody without having to consult a lawyer.
Do I really need a lawyer?

most states have a friend of the court agency that can advise you on how to file for custody. Many states have pre printed packets to help you file with out a attorney. In the end you are better off with an attorney but if you honestly do not have the money you can try with out it.

How do you enforce a divorce decree? And what would the purpose of mediation be in this case?

My ex and I have assets and money that we are still trying to disolve of. According to our divorce decree some of the items we dont agree upon are already spelled out in the decree. The ex is not wanting to split things as we already agreed upon and these items have been signed off already and notorized. What happens in a situation when one party isnt going by the decree? An example of my ex who was supposed to put money back into the joint account that we had but never did? Another example is that we have income from the previous year that is to be divided by percentages and the ex refuses to split accordingly and these items are already in the final decree. What happens now? The ex wants mediation but this stuff is already in the decree. What is the purpose of mediation and can that overwrite this contract of decree? What is the right thing to do. Ive tried discussing with the ex but they still refuse to try to work on an agreeable solution.

Ok, in a situation like this, always discuss things with your attorney. A divorce decree is for people who want to try and split things down the middle legally and get in things in writing. But it sounds like you’re going to have to take more legal action to get him to do what he’s supposed to do. Whatever’s in writing that he hasn’t done, he could be held in contempt of court=jail time if not resolved. A mediator is only needed when children are involved and they help the court/judge decide which parent they should live with and then shared parenting is also decided. There are too many issues it sounds like that he’s not willing to stick with in the agreement therefore you’ll have to take him back to court.

Does Mediation work in Divorce?

Divorce through Mediation. If you have used Mediation for divorce – tell me if you think it was a wise choice in the long run, and if children were involved.

My husband used mediation in his divorce and I’d say it did help. Yes a child was involved. His ex refused to give him time with his daughter and the mediator helped his ex realize he needed time and she was be unreasonable. So yes it helps.

Why do Americans always say that a US child custody order overrides a foreign child custody order when there i?

Why do Americans always say that a US child custody order overrides a foreign child custody order when there is a conflict involving a duel national child? Does it matter which one was entered first yes or no?

no. americans think their laws are universal. we control so much of the world’s economy that other countries would not want to risk losing the good graces of the usa. the u.s. tends not to pick their battles and will just fight for the sake of it. that makes the country strong and the winner regardless of merit.

How can a parent leave the state with the child during child custody disputes?

My fiance is going through a custody battle several states away. Recently I was told that if she leaves the she’s in with the child then it would be considered kidnapping. I’m worried that I may have to wait years to see her again. So is possible for her and the child to temporarily leave their state without facing charges.

If there’s no court order prohibiting her from going, it’s not kidnapping. However, if she wants to leave, she is best advised to seek the court’s permission to do. Otherwise, her ex could file a motion to make her bring the child back.

when filing for a divorce/mediation?

when you are going through mediation (state of ct) does it make sense to go to the courthouse to file for dissolution BEFORE agreeing on all of the other paperwork? (finances, support…)

It depends on your location. In my state, you can’t enter into a binding division of property and debts (absent a pre-nuptial agreement) unless the cases is filed. Also, there may be waiting periods involved that can start running.

What are the Iowa child custody laws if you are a single mother and want to move out of state?

I am a single mother of my only son, his father and I were never married. We broke up 6 months after my son was born. There is no custody order however he does pay child support. I am wanting to move back to Texas to be near my mother and I cant find any information regarding the legality of the move. Any advice would greatly be appreciated!

If you do not have the permission of him, and/or the court, he can file a, injunction, as I advise fathers to do, to prevent the move until a full custody order is established with long distance visitation orders.

All Children Deserve Two Parents
Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears has noted, children born to unmarried women and to those in cohabiting relationships “must often overcome increased risks of poverty, education failure, child abuse, delinquency, emotional distress and mental illness.”…….the lack of a father’s guidance in children’s lives is a major cause of their suffering. “Marriage is the best child welfare, crime prevention, anti-poverty program we have,”