Why does a child custody order have noting to do with children rights only fathers rights?

Why does a child custody order have noting to do with children rights only fathers rights? Who is right if the Japanese mother has a Japanese child custody order over her US born children in her favor and is in Japanese with her children, but the American father has a US child custody order in his favor? Basically both American & Japanese child custody orders are in conflict of each other.
Some say that a child is considered personal proparty of the father untill age 18, is that correct, yes or no?

The mother would keep the children in Japan with her. It would be illegal for the father to take them out of the country.

I am going for my divorce mediation next week. What can I expect? What issues should i be prepared to discuss?

I am meeting with my lawyer ahead of time to make sure we’re on the same page, but it would be helpful to hear from anyone who has been through this before. My soon-to-be ex tries to be very controlling and I just want to be prepared for anything he and his lawyer might try to throw at me unexpectedly.
Please respond only if you have useful information to share. As I mentioned, I already have a lawyer but am looking for insights from people who have been through this experience.

I am a Mediator .. so think of the major gripes & complaints that you ex has alwasy had … and .. think of what he would really like to get your guzzuel about.

Understand that Mediation can surprise you .. and can go any way. They can sometimes go very nicely when unexpected.

Know your bargaining tools, your questions, etc.
Don’t allow them to push your buttons .. keep a cool head (surprise him/them).
Always, always .. have a "Plan B" for things which he will not budge on .. meet you 1/2 way .. or bargain with you.

YOU ,,, make sure that all agreed-on things are written correctly.

Can she still go to divorce mediation?

ok my mom and dad have been separated for 10 years and my dad just filed for divorce. Now my mom doesn’t want to go to court and she wants to know if they can still go to mediation and settle it there or does she have to fill out the response and go to court since she has already been served? What happens if she does not respond within the 30 days given? We will appreciate your help!
My dad is currently giving my mom $800 a month and she wants to make sure she still gets that money, thats why she wants to go to mediation but she’s not sure if it’s still possible since she has already been served with the court papers!

Mediate what? They have been seperated for ten years. If the papers are AOK have her just sign them and get it overwith.

How hard is it to win an appeal on a child custody case?

I am in the midst of a custody battle with my deadbeat ex. All the facts and the law are in my favor (he is only suing me for custody in retaliation for me suing him for never having payed child support for 5 years), and I am fairly confident I will win. My only worry is that he will appeal the ruling and keep this going for as long as his money holds out. How difficult and expensive is it to win an appeal in a custody case, specifically in TN? Thanks in advance.

Given the state of our justice system, pretty hard.

Why is it that US child custody orders always over rules a conflicting child custody order?

Why is it that US child custody orders always over rules a conflicting child custody order of another country if the child is a US citizen or a duel citizen of the US & Germany? The child is in Germany with her mother and is very happy living there with her mother according to the US embassy. The US child child custody was entered first, but is not legal binding outside the US according to the US Department of State. The German child custody order was entered in Germany after the US child custody order was entered and this is legally binding in Germany. She is born in the USA and was seven years old when her mother took her to Germany.

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What should I expect at a divorce mediation. what should I do to be ready at that meeting?

My wife left my three boys and I two years ago, and she has not even called any of our kids even once in the last two years, not even for any of their birthdays. Because of a four-car accident on September 4, 2007, I am not able to work!

This Monday I will go to mediation with my lawyer to meet with my wife and her lawyer. I don’t know what to expect!!!!! Can you help me?

Even though she has none visited or called the children in two years, she bizarrely is fighting for custody of the kids anyways, which has cost me $13,000 just for divorce lawyer fees alone. However, my three boys are doing wonderfully in school, and they are very happy with many friends. In addition, are there pro bono lawyers for divorce? Thank you for your time.

Don’t agree to anything. Go away, think about it, and come back (if this is allowed).

Document, document, documents like the others said.

Let your lawyer speak for you.

She will LIE and possibly accuse of things that made her run away like domestic abuse or say you didn’t allow her to see the kids. DON’T LOOSE YOUR COOL!!!

Write down points you’d like to redress and do so in a calm manner.

Deep breaths.

Returning to divorce mediation?

A few years after my parents divorced through mediation, my dad said he wanted to go back to mediation and cut my mom off from his health plan? Is this legal/allowed?

Normally, at most jobs, an ex-spouse cannot be on the insurance of the other spouse. She is no longer considered a family member of the employee. In CT one can get 2 or 3 years of insurance under COBRA and after that, unfortunately you are out of luck. I became one of those millions without insurance until I was lucky enough to find a job that gave me insurance.

is it possible to go to court for custody of a child without an attorney?

My daughter is in another state (very far away) with her father. We were never married and there is no court order for child support or visitation. I want to go there and file for custody of my daughter. However, I have no money for an attorney. A good child custody attorney begins at $3000 and that’s just the retainer!! She is in a bad situation how can I get her back without an attorney??! Is it possible to do? Or will the judge order I get an attorney?

You need an attorney especially if you are out of state. The judge won’t order you to have one, but your chances are not that good without having a fair idea of the law and producing evidence that she ‘is in a bad situation.’ If Social Services has been called, then you have a lot of help there.

Getting ready for divorce mediation. Advice?

Well, my ex-husband and I have been dragging our feet as far as the divorce goes (insurance reasons, etc.) but we’ve been separated for going on two years now. We’ve filed for divorce, completed our paperwork and on Monday we’re going to mediation … (we’re divorcing without lawyers — our separation is very amicable. We’ve agreed on everything).

Just wondering if there were any last minute steps I need to take before we go in. I’d like to get in and out as quickly as possible (they charge by the hour). BTW, we live in Indiana and have two children.


Just make sure you have outlined the points you need to bring up and have all your paperwork in order (if applicable). Keep your "arguments" on point and short.

The key to mediation is to remember that you have two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion.