Can I withdraw from a divorce after mediation?

I’m getting very scared and want out of this situation. I never should have started the divorce. My husband is abusive and the judge doesn’t care at all. How can I stop this action? We’re divorced already but this was to divide property and for spousal support. We signed an agreement but it’s not been finalised before the jduge. I can’t go on with it, it’s destroying me and the kids. How can I withdraw at this stage?

WTF, um tell the judge, but you sound pretty weak

AND you had better have a GOOD excuse, otherwise, your stuck with what YOU AGREED TO

How do I go about getting child custody transferred?

My ex is having my child and we decided it would be best if we didn’t get married. We discussed what we’re going to do and we decided that it would be best if I had custody of our child since I have a good paying job and I could give her everything she needs.
The thing is we both have no idea where to start to transfer custody from her to me since we were never married. How soon does it have to get done? What has to be done? And how long does it usually take?
The child will be born in Wisconsin by the way, I don’t know if that changes anything.

You are the father, you already have the legal right to custody.

Nothing needs to be done, although you might want to have a lawyer (family law) draw up a formal custody arrangement in case your admirably reasonable arrangement falls apart later.

How do I obtain full child custody in missouri if the father is completely willing to sign over his rights?

I am the mother of a newborn. The father wants nothing to do with the baby and I am not requesting any child support or anything from him. Do I need to go to court to obtain full custody or can he just sign forms over since he’s completely willing?

I would make sure this is absolutely what you want and make it legal, that way later on down the road he can’t come back on it

What is mediation in a divorce procedure?

What does "mediation" mean in a divorce procedure?

With my divorce, we had reached a standoff and couldn’t agree to several issues… rather than have it go before a judge, we first went to mediation. A third party, in my instance a neutral attorney, sat with us and helped us to reach a middle ground on everything except one issue.. it was really helpful, because obviously, when you can compromise it is better than having someone else (like a judge) make decisions for you. The mediator couldn’t MAKE us do anything, but it was a very helpful part of the process. Sometimes having a 3rd person there helps everyone "play nice" and you can kind of understand when you are being unreasonable better than when it’s just you and the ex fighting it out… Sometimes you have the mediation with the other person present in the room, sometimes they have you in separate rooms.

How is child custody handled when one parent is in one state and the parent that has allegations is in another?

Does it go by:

1. The state that the mother resides in, the state that the father resides in, or the state that the divorce and child support order occured? Or is that not relevant at all?

2. Or does it go by the state in which the parent seeking full custody resides in, can that parent initiate in their state before returning a child back to their other parent at the end of their visitation if an injunction is filed?

Answers with legal proof/precedent cited, no opinions, please.

its the state where the custody trial process was done in.

Why does international child custody have noting to do with children rights only parental rights?

Why does international child custody/child kidnapping have noting to do with children rights only parental rights even when a court in two different countries has given different rulings, conflict of law? Basically the mother has legal custody of her child in her country and is wanted for parental abduction in the child’s country of birth, because she is held there with out her fathers consent. Possession is 9/10 of the law.

The same applies to mothers bringing a child here in violation of a foreign order. Only one country clearly obeys the Hague Treaty, without gender bias, but their leader never signed it. His name is Castro.

Can I change my mind after Divorce Mediation?

We had mediation today for two hours. We signed the written copy and my attorney is going to type them up and have me come in to sign the copy that will go to the judge. After thinking about it, I don’t want my husband to get joint custody of my son. He hasn’t helped me financially – ever. I don’t care about the child support, but I want full custody of my son.

If you’re still feeling a little sour about it once the office opens tomorrow morning, call your lawyer the MINUTE the office opens and do what you can to stop that order from going to the courts.

However, and this is my opinion: Though it’s understandable that you’re clearly upset, I don’t think you should be using your son as a weapon against your ex with your anger.

EDIT: Also, I don’t truly believe that the court will award you full custody without a reason and proof that your ex isn’t responsible enough for joint custody. So it may be a better idea to try to stick it out with joint custody agreement and have set visitation days.

How would child custody laws work in this case?

My two aunts got into a fight and the one pressed charges on the other on the other one so now they are going to court. The one that started it is the who charges are being pressed against and she has a child. His father is in the miltary in Afghanistan and his fathers parents live a couple of hours away. Also their is my family and my grandma who are in the town of the child. So if the childs mother went to jail who would have custody rights over the child?

My friend got divorced and was in a nasty custody battle she has also been in jail before but it was before she even had her child, it was for public intoxication, but she stopped drinking when she had her child. Her husband threatened her with it and she was scared he would get custody so she looked all over on the internet and she found this place that helped her. I remember her telling me that there was info about grandparents in there too and there rights. I just called her and got the site so here it is if it’ll help. good luck