How exactly does child custody work when a baby is born?

I’m pregnant and I don’t want to deal with child custody battles, but I don’t want my baby’s daddy involved at all. I don’t even want to put him on the birth certificate, but I don’t know if he’ll try to get a paternity test done… So how does all of that work? And what happens after paternity is established? Am I required to allow a paternity test?

Well, he could file for custody now, in the state where the child was conceived. In Arizona, he can take the child home from the hospital. Helped a father do that once. Hopefully, he will demand a paternity test. I suggest men do them on all children claimed to be theirs. If you don’t want him involved, you have to go to court and have a judge rule on him not having parental rights, which means he doesn’t pay child support. But, you cannot now, nor in the future, go on Welfare, which can override the order.

I do assume it doesn’t matter the damage this will do to your child?

What is the Navy Reserve regulation on divorce/separation? Currently separated for a year and had mediation?

What is the Navy Reserve regulation on divorce/separation? Currently separated for a year and had mediation?
everything was agreed on and even shared custody was agreed on and we both signed the agreement. At this point would I have to get her an ID card or not. Health care I cant get her because I am employed by the federal government now, so I cant even get it for myself. Or do I even have to share with her that I am going into the reserves.

there are no ‘military’ regs this is strictly a civil matter.

you are not required to tell her anything but if she finds out, well.. who knows. the kids are entitled to ID cards for commissary and exchange privileges.

What is mediation like when going through a divorce?

Im getting divorced and my solicitor has recommended mediation with regards to financial matters,as my ex is being really awkward has anyone gone through this? and if so did it work?

My daughter found it OK. The Courts these days recognise equal rights so don’t expect the woman to get it all. Any children’s welfare is of the most importance to the Mediators and will be strongly taken into account regardless of any demands either of you might make.

The mediation process is very informal and friendly. There are no wigs and gowns. Just ordinary looking people helping to sort both your problems out. However both of you must agree to yourselves and each other to split any money and possessions fairly. No matter how bitter either of you may feel. The Mediators will guide you both.

How to transfer child custody without a lawyer?

My mother-in-law is giving my husbands, sister’s kids back to her. She needs to know How to transfer child custody without a lawyer?

1) Phone or go to the county courthouse.
2) Find the "Clerk of Court" office.
3) Ask the nice lady about the proper forms.
4) Fill them out and file them.

I Assume there has already been some court involvement. She needs to go to that courthouse. She will also need the previous case number.She will be filing a motion to transfer custody. The clerk’s office will file this (filing fee?) and a hearing date will be set. Then you appear before the judge and he makes the ruling. Oh yeah, there may be some fee for notifying the mother of the hearing date too.

How much would it cost for an Attorney to write a child custody order?

I found a lawyer that charges $250 an hour to handle my child custody issue. I am curious about what a lawyer charges just to complete a child custody order. Does a lawyer based the fee on the number of hours it takes to complete an child custody order?

Yeah, I would say ask around a bit. You can actually call a few lawyers..they should be able to give you an idea of the cost. I would start your search at sites like the ones below. Good Luck!

Can the court granted a divorce case without mediation agreement for a foreign marriage?

I m married to a us citizen back home (africa). and immigration asked to come live with here as a conditional non immigrant resident. I ve file for a divorce, to avoid domestic violence. she refuse to renew my working permit and asked the court for a temporary child support. My working permit has been suspended for the last 8 years, and just come out from prison for not paying my child sup.

In most jurisdictions, the answer is probably ‘yes’. You seriously need a lawyer to advise you.

Divorce Mediation is “part” of the Final Divorce Decree, is non-compliance “contempt of court”?

My "ex" agreed to terms under the Divorce Mediation (drafted by HER attorney), as this becomes a "part" of the Final Divorce Decree……..will her violation of the agreement be considered "contempt of court"?

I would think it would be. It’s state mandated, just like parenting classes are where I live (for the divorced-to-be parents). We couldn’t get divorced unless we had the certificates to prove we completed the "course".

How do you file for child custody without an attorney in Broward County, FL?

I need to file these papers as soon as possible. Also, my baby’s father and I are not married. Also, do I need to wait for the child custody hearing to then file for child support. I am looking for full custody.

You need to file child support asap, and you can do this yourself at your local country govt. or state office. You need to give the father’s info, ect. They will collect funds for you, send them to you. That is number one. Second, child support isn’t like filing car ins. You need a good lawyer. There are too many variables that can arise that you need a lawyer to help you with. Don’t try that on your own. Work out a payment plan with him or her, and they will tell you you will get shared custody, but you will retain sole physical custody. This means, barring any physical, alcohol, drug abuse, violent history on either side, he will get visitation rights. You can see if you can arrange supervised visits, if there is suspicion of the issues I mentioned above. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can get this anywhere from 300.00 to thousands depending on your ability to pay and hire an atty. Do the child support tommorrow. It takes time for the papers to work through the system. They fail to pay, you have the state to help you get the funds you are to have for your kid. Its based on ability to pay, so if he isn’t getting a great deal in pay from a job, you will get what they can from him. Make sure you let them know of any and all assetts he has. They will search for you for hidden ones. You do this with tax forms, ect. If he is hiding funds, they will get them for you. Good luck

What can I do to prepare for mediation process in a divorce case?

I’m new to this. Going through a divorce. My lawer said I will go through mediation hearing where a counselor tries to work something out between me and my wife. No lawyers allowed to be participate. What is the process like and is it something you can prepare for it?

You should compare a mediator to an investment. Realize that by agreeing on terms, you can even file an uncontested divorce which equals out to even greater savings, and even the ability to wrap up your divorce much faster than if you had numerous court dates and motions slowing everything down.