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What is mediation in a divorce procedure?

What does "mediation" mean in a divorce procedure?

With my divorce, we had reached a standoff and couldn’t agree to several issues… rather than have it go before a judge, we first went to mediation. A third party, in my instance a neutral attorney, sat with us and helped us to reach a middle ground on everything except one issue.. it was really helpful, because obviously, when you can compromise it is better than having someone else (like a judge) make decisions for you. The mediator couldn’t MAKE us do anything, but it was a very helpful part of the process. Sometimes having a 3rd person there helps everyone "play nice" and you can kind of understand when you are being unreasonable better than when it’s just you and the ex fighting it out… Sometimes you have the mediation with the other person present in the room, sometimes they have you in separate rooms.

Can I change my mind after Divorce Mediation?

We had mediation today for two hours. We signed the written copy and my attorney is going to type them up and have me come in to sign the copy that will go to the judge. After thinking about it, I don’t want my husband to get joint custody of my son. He hasn’t helped me financially – ever. I don’t care about the child support, but I want full custody of my son.

If you’re still feeling a little sour about it once the office opens tomorrow morning, call your lawyer the MINUTE the office opens and do what you can to stop that order from going to the courts.

However, and this is my opinion: Though it’s understandable that you’re clearly upset, I don’t think you should be using your son as a weapon against your ex with your anger.

EDIT: Also, I don’t truly believe that the court will award you full custody without a reason and proof that your ex isn’t responsible enough for joint custody. So it may be a better idea to try to stick it out with joint custody agreement and have set visitation days.

Does anyone know the type of questions that will be asked in a divorce mediation session?

We are currently seperated and want to attend mediation but want to be prepared when going in there. i want to print everything up before hand. does anyone know the specific questions that will be asked.

Topics will include:

1. What are your possessions? Prior, during and after separation
2. If you have kids, who will get custody, visitation, and pay child suport?.
3. Do you need spousal support?
4. Who will keep cars, homes,etc? How will you divide possessions?
5. Do restraining orders need to be issued?