Daughter’s Thank You Letter To Single Mom Brought Them Both To Tears

This is a touching story. Being a single mom is hard work and takes a great deal of sacrifice so children never have to go without what they need. Children don’t often realize this until they grow up and have their own children. It’s nice to see this mother being appreciated by her daughter. It is definitely easy to understand while she got emotional. It was a very moving situation and she surely felt good.

Key Takeaways:

  • A girl named Gina finds a special way to thank her single mother for raising her alone.
  • As this single mother listens to her daughter express her gratitude in a written letter, both are brought to tears.
  • Despite the challenges she faced while raising two children, this single mother admits to doing it all “out of love.”

“Parenting is often a thankless job, but that’s especially true when you’re a single parent and doing it on your own, without the support of a partner.”

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