8 thoughts on “how do i get ready for my divorce mediation?”

  1. I agree with notyou31, you need to make a list of important things you would like to discuss with your attorney. It’s just an interview if you will, to see what you will agree upon with the divorce. Best of luck for the New Year.
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  2. Bring all documentation, proof of things that you may be disputing over, proof if it is yours etc. Make a list of what you want, make a list of what you are willing to let go, and a list of what you want to compramise on. Good luck, hope it all works out. Stay calm no mater what, kill it with kindness, thisng will go your way the more calm and less spiteful you are. Just a sugestion.
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  3. Sike yourself up NOT to let yourself get mad. Really, really work on your emotions .. and your attitude. "Attitude is Everything" really is true. Things will come-up that will really push your buttons .. be ready for them … count to 10 in your head .. or sing an instant song there … just find a way to keep yourself in-check .. and don’t allow anger to surface. Try to seem easy to work with.

    Be prepared for things to be asked & brought up which your ex may want .. or may want to know about. Think about the things that has already come into-play … these things could be a hint of future things tocome.

    Consider your weaknesses .. and the weaknesses your spouse knows you have. Make your weakness, strong.

    On things that matter, such as child-support, division of property, provisions of child care, etc ,,,,, decide what you want to ask for. Decide how much you are willing to give .. and what you definitely will not give.

    Be ready to bargain. Know something that your spouse wants & needs really bad .. versus .. something that you want & need really bad … and save this for bargaining power. Keep your stragegy to yourself.

    Always, always … have a "Plan B" … meaning that when you go to the bargaining table, and you are told NO to something important … that you have another way to make it happen. So .. on the important things … have more ways to solve it than one way.

    Don’ t lie. You can be checked.

    Again … keep your cool … be charming .. relaxed .. and try to work with them – kinda like you are over-there standing on their side.

    Apply these things .. then wish for the best. I know that often at Mediations – there can be only one of the spouse’s which is completely intolerable. However – it would be wise to go online to your State’s statutes .. and look up the answers to the law of the things which you are seeking. Know what law is on your side .. and which is not.

    Know your bondaries. Make sure that it IS divorce that you & your spouse really wants. I worked with a Judge once who made spouses have marital Mediation before divorce, just to see if they could go back together.

    Treat your spouse, and their attorney, with respect. When not questioned, say as little as possible.

    Be sure!!! … to make it absolutely clear what you want, and what you don’t want, with your attorney. And .. at the end of the Mediation – make sure that it is all written up correctly .. and no mistakes. Before you get to Mediation … write down every single detail which you want taken care of … this is the time to get it done.
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