I Got Divorced At 37 And Never Expected What Came Next

Most people aren’t thinking about a divorce at the age of 37, but one woman shares her story of what it is like to go through a divorce at this age. But, she has far more to tell in her story. Her story has those unexpected turns but a happy ending when the day is done. From getting fired to perhaps a midlife crisis, this is what happens after you spend 12 years of your life with someone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Divorce at 37 can be the perfect timing to still have a new fulfilling life as long as you meet the right person shortly after.
  • After a divorce it’s good to get away for a bit to clear your mind but it doesn’t mean you have to completely change your life.
  • The author was still able to have children and a family even though they had already spent 12 years of their life in another marriage.

“After twelve years of what began as a romantic adventure but had started to feel like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, I thought perhaps I was too selfish to be a good partner.”

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