I Want to Get Along with My Stepmother

A young South African woman has written for advice concerning her Stepmother. She and her Stepmother have always had a strained relationship, as she hit and was nasty to the young girl and now she’s refusing to help pay for her step daughter’s visit back to South Africa. Additionally, the young woman feels her father doesn’t advocate for her with his wife (her Stepmother) and is a passive bystander to her behavior.

The advice given was for the young woman to have a heart to heart with her biological mother and father to try to sort out the situation and attempt to receive financial assistance from her father to visit South Africa. It was also suggested that the young woman speak to her father about her Stepmother’s poor treatment of her. The advisor’s bottom line: she is the child here, the parents should be acting more like the adults.

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I Want to Get Along with My Stepmother

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