Isolation: Why Everyone Who Goes Through a Divorce Experiences it – The Good Men Project (blog)

Divorce is hard on everyone to some extent. Isolation is one feeling that comes of it. We feel alone and it is very hurtful. This explains why isolation comes with divorce and why it can’t be avoid that much unless you stay married, and that is obviously not an option for everyone. The best thing to do is learn to work through it until it passes instead of trying to not ever feel that way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Forced isolation is caused by the judgments of others. It is easier to be alone than to be judged.
  • Social isolation is common because you have not been in the social arena for so long.
  • Personal isolation is needed to recover and heal. Break ups hurt and wounds take time to heal.

“People in personal isolation purposefully keep themselves at arms length from others.”

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