The 9 Craziest Things People Discovered While Googling A Date

Dating is a scary and exciting journey. Googling your date can reveal both good and bad things. It is common for people to find the date stole their profile picture. Hiding something is also common. Things that are revealed can be a DUI, marriage, criminal record or other dark secrets. Also sexual deviation preferences such as bandage can be discovered. Some findings are more humorous such as odd obsessions like Garfield themed bedrooms or super hero collection. Goodling a date is always a good idea.

Key Takeaways:

  • Googling your date may reveal a criminal past that you do not want to associate with.
  • Weird obsessions and collections can be found by googling your date.
  • Driving records can reveal DUI and other traffic issues. This may be a sign of a drinking problem.

“A quick Google search can leave you feeling as if you already know a person before you’ve even gone on a date.”

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