The Cinderella Bait-and-Switch

Are we doing a service to our children in perpetuating fairy tales? Our children are raised with stories of happily ever after, true love and a prince. This is the stuff our children seek out as adults

Pursue your true love they say. Then we go out and look for our prince. When we do not find him, we are disappointed. This disappointment leads to friends telling us that our one true love does not exist. Which fairy tale is true?

Awww the fairy tale wedding. We have found our prince and have the ultimate party. Then reality sets it. What is happily ever after? After all, finding him is the hard part.

Is there too much emphasis on the destination on and not enough on the journey? There must be more emphasis on staying married and less on our prince or Ken.

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The Cinderella Bait-and-Switch

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