What to do if a partner doesn’t co-operate for divorce mediation?

My parents are getting divorced and have just received the decree nisi today.

My mum is filing it against my dad for reasons of unreasonable behaviour, and he is trying everything in his power to drag the whole thing out for as long as possible -.-

Now because they don’t have endless amounts of money, my mum wanted to try mediation (which my dad agreed to – even his solicitor said his agreement is in writing) but my dad hasn’t contacted the mediator back when the mediator has sent him a few letters and such, so I was just wondering if my mum can take some sort of action to physically make him go to the mediator to sort finances etc out as she doesn’t really want to make it as expensive going through the solicitor?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
I should probably say that my mum is the one with all the money – hence why my dad wants to drag the divorce out.

So he won’t care if my mum has to go to the solicitors as all the money that he spends, is my mum’s anyhow :/ he’s a dick basically..
Wendy – I will not ‘stay out of this’ as everything my idiot dad does affects the whole family, and I am the only one there to help my mum as he backstabs everyone and lies -.-

Yes I am in the UK, I can tell her your info and see what she says if she speaks to her solicitor.

Gary – No I/she didn’t mean that she did have control over him (believe me he does what he likes!) but he cheats, goes out to places and says he’s going to a friend’s (when he’s not), doesn’t help around the house (just sits on his pc 24/7), doesn’t/hasn’t cared for me or my brother, spends endless amounts of money on going out, buying expensive items and alcohol with my mum’s money..seriously i could go on..but the other thing is my mum can’t even take the money out of the bank account as it is used for the mortgage and she can’t change the joint names to just hers as she would need his signature (even though he changed one of their joint accounts to just his name cos his "friend" set it up or something)
But yes

Sounds like you are in the U.K.? If it is like the States ( a lot is) Mum could actually file a motion to compel mediation.

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  1. I don’t think she can make him go, but maybe if she explains to him how expensive it would be to go through lawyers he will whip his butt into gear. See if she can find the average cost of a divorce using lawyers, etc, and present that to him.
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  2. lol..No sorry. Your mother can not force him to do anything.

    Stay out of this, this is not your problem or issue.
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  3. Sounds like you are in the U.K.? If it is like the States ( a lot is) Mum could actually file a motion to compel mediation.
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  4. The divorce proceeds as normal.

    BUT, since your Dad backed out on his written agreement, he has shown himself to be "not cooperative", and may there fore lose ALL of his claims. he may get NOTHING.

    No, your mother has NO control over him. [Frankly, her mistaken belief that she does or should may be the cause of the divorce. When you THINK you can control someone, and they don;t do what YOU want them to do, the blame is mistakenly called "unreasonable behavior", when in fact is is "unreasonable expectation" on your mother’s part.]. The COURT will be unwilling to do anything — his failure to be compliant just shows the court what dick your dad is. And it is for this reason that he may get NOTHING.

    Mom just needs to continue to [push the divorce through. Even if your dad fails tos ign, the judge can rule "in absentia" and declare the divorce legal WITHOUT your dad’s signature.
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